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Only from CARCARE Promotions™

THE Maintenance
Is Now Included

Once available only with new vehicles from franchise dealerships, maintenance plans are now included with pre-owned vehicles from independent dealerships and vehicle service protection partners!

Pre Owned dealerships

Gone are the days when car buyers were willing to add on prepaid maintenance plans. What if your dealership included a maintenance plan with every vehicle sold? This would set your operation apart from the rest online, at the curb, and during negotiations! Are you ready to start closing more deals?

5 + 7 =

vsp companies

New customer acquisition is a tricky and expensive proposition. What if your company could increase the value proposition and mitigate cancellations by including a maintenance plan with every vehicle service protection package sold? Think of it as an added perk for your customers…your way of saying “Thank you.” Are you ready to build new relationships for the long term?

6 + 1 =

Don’t take it from us, listen to what our customers are saying

“If I had 50 dealerships, your program
would be in every one of them.
I love you guys!”

Joey @ H-E-B Auto Sales

“We added “2 Year Maintenance Plan Included” to close more customers
at the point of sale.”

David @ Legacy Autos

“We close an extra 3-4 cars every month because we include a free
2 Year Maintenance Plan.”

Ben @ Galaxy Auto Sale

easy as 1-2-3

no activation fees

or lengthy agreements

Our Partnerships

CARCARE Promotions is a proud member of the following industry associations.

Our Maintenance Plans

Compete with franchise dealerships who include a maintenance plan with every vehicle they sell.

Redeemable at more than 4,000 major-brand service centers nationwide. No year/make/model restrictions.

Not a back-end product; does not compete with VSC or GAP products; does not consume LTV space.


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