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CARCARE Promotions

Today is going to be an amazing day! You have a new prospect who is ready to get started with the 5 Year Maintenance Plan from CARCARE Promotions. Simply complete the information request below, and we will send an e-doc using Adobe Sign.

Requested Information

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CARCARE Promotions
P.O. Box 262
Frisco, TX 75034
(214) 799-7969


e-Doc Requested

Once a prospect has verbally agreed to participate, the account manager obtains the requested information and submits the form above.

Account Manager Reviews & Approves

Check email from ADOBE SIGN. From your desktop, tablet, or mobile device…review and approve the e-doc. If changes are necessary, do not proceed and email us the necessary changes. If the e-doc is accurate and complete, click or tap the “Review and approve” button in the email and follow the prompts. Once approved by the account manager, the e-doc will advance to the prospect for review and e-signature. Inform your prospect to be on the lookout for an email from ADOBE SIGN.

Prospect Reviews & Signs

Prospect checks email from ADOBE SIGN. They may need to check their “junk” and “spam” email folders. From their desktop, tablet, or mobile device, the prospect needs to review and e-sign the e-doc, filling in the requested information. Once the prospect e-signs, the e-doc will advance to a managing partner at CARCARE Promotions for e-signing.

Dealer/Partner Code Assigned

Once a managing partner from CARCARE Promotions e-signs, the e-doc will advance so a Dealer/Partner code can be assigned. Once completed, all parties will receive a fully executed e-doc for their records.

Onboarding Confirmed

Once the e-doc is filed, an email will be sent to the account manager confirming onboarding is complete.

Website Branded

CARCARE Promotions will send a request for approval to the new customer and their respective website platform support team requesting approval to add branding to their website. We know that customers who quickly add the branding elements to their website realize the full potential of the program more quickly and are are less likely to discontinue their participation.